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Mayor Dr. James Fazzone

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Mayor Dr. James A. Fazzone

On November 8, 2011, I was elected by the citizens of the City of Burlington to serve as Mayor. Sworn in on January 3, 2012, my four-year term expires on December 31, 2015.

The Mayor is elected by the City voters and performs under the Mayor-Council form of government authorized in the Optional Municipal Charter Law NJSA 40:69A (aFaulkner Act form of government). As your Mayor, I represent the interests of all City residents, and my responsibilities with respect to City government include:

  • Exercises the Executive Power of the municipality
    • Enforces Charters and Ordinances of the City
    • Supervises all municipal Departments
    • Fixes salaries and wages of Administrative Dept. employees
    • Supervises care and custody of City property
    • Appoints and remove Department heads subject to Council approval
    • Performs the duties of Public Safety Director
  • Perform Fiscal functions
    • Oversees Municipal Budget process
    • Reviews and analyzes municipal services, programs and finances
    • Oversees Personnel process
    • Prepares City operating and capital budgets
  • Wield Contractual clout
    • Negotiates contracts subject to Council approval
    • Signs all contracts and bonds requiring City consent
    • Removes department heads subject to Council majority
  • Undertake Ministerial missions
    • Delivers annual state of the City address
    • Serves ex officio non-voting member capacity on all appointive bodies of which not already a member
    • Performs civil wedding ceremonies
  • Executes Legislative duties
    • Attend Council Meetings and participate in deliberations
    • Proposes legislation
    • Exercises veto over ordinances subject to Council majority override
  • Represents all City residents, businesses and property owners
  • Develops vision and focuses on community growth and prosperity

Mayoral Appointments include:

  • Municipal Administrator
  • Department Supervisors and Directors
  • Planning Board
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • One Housing Authority seat
  • Tourism Council one seat
  • Business Development Commission

1st & 3rd Tues. each month 7:00pm
New City Hall Council Chambers
525 High Street
Burlington NJ 08016

All interested individuals are invited to attend and comment. Anyone in need of special accommodations or access due to disability, should contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office, at 609-386-0200 ext. 101, prior to the meeting.