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Tatham and E. Pearl Streets
Burlington NJ 08016

Max. 28 ft. Boat Length

Location:  East Pearl Street north of Tathum Street

ENDS: November

OPEN: 6am–10pm, 7 days/week
ATTENDANT: No Attendants will be on duty until further notice

Online Boat Ramp Permit 
or in person @
522 Wood Street
Burlington NJ 08016
Please call for hours.

TEL: 609-386-4070
FAX: 609-386-0766

Online Boat Ramp Permit 

 F.A.Q- Frequently Asked Questions


Board of Health & Vital Statistics
Tourism Council
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Boat Ramp




Boat Dock will not be available until April 10, 2021
Boat Ramp Season is April 1st - October 31st
NEW: Online Boat Ramp Permits.  
All Boat Ramp permits must be purchased on-line until further notice. To purchase on-line permits, please visit the following link:

Online Boat Ramp Permit

Please remember to print your temporary permit(pdf), which will be emailed to you. Check your email or spam folder.  Display visibly with the payment receipt in the vehicle dashboard.

Required Documents:
Valid Boat Registration
Valid Trailer Registration 
Valid Driver License 

*Special Instructions for Daily Permit Date
For daily permits, enter the date you intend on using the daily permit.

For seasonal permits, enter the application date.

Click here to purchase:          Online Boat Ramp Permit 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I obtain a boat ramp permit? All boat ramp permits are purchased online only. You may purchase a seasonal or daily permit. 

What information is required to purchase a boat ramp permit? You will need to upload a copy of your boat and trailer registration, and enter the following: full name; address; driver license number; phone; email; and date of birth, when completing the online application, in addition to completing payment. 

*Tips for completing the online application and payment process. 

          Ensure that you complete and upload all the required documents. Verify all your information is entered correctly. Once all information in the online application completed, you will receive a blue online payment link. Select and this will take you to another page to complete the payment.     *NOTE* You must return to the original application to submit. No reference number is required on the payment screen unless the cardholder information doesn’t match the applicant’s application, in which you will enter the applicant's full name in the reference field.  

If your application and payment were submitted successfully, you will receive confirmation from both applications.  

When will I receive my boat ramp permit? The original boat ramp permits are only mailed out for seasonal permit holders. They are typically mailed within 7 to 10 business days. 

Permits holders must use their payment receipt and copy of their temporary permit. Place payment receipt and temporary permit visibly in your window dashboard. Daily Permit holder’s temporary permit is only valid for the Daily Permit Date, entered on the application. 

Where is my boat ramp permit? If it is over 14 days and you have not received your original permit and payment was successful, please email Typically this will result from unsuccessful application submission. You will need to email a copy of your boat and trailer registration and contact information. Once payment is verified your application will be done administratively and your permit will be processed to mail.  


the foot of Tatham Street
and E. Pearl Street
on the Delaware River
and Assiscunk Creek

No Attendant on Duty Until Further Notice

Owing to budget reductions, no Attendants will be on duty until further notice.  Boat Trailer Permits are required, however, and Police will issue citations to trailer owners who do not display proper permit stickers. 

A Permit is required to launch watercraft. Permits must be displayed on all vehicles, trailers, and watercraft. Please purchase permits at the Daniel Keegan Center, 522 Wood Street, Call for hours. Please have a valid driver's license as well as boat and trailer registrations when applying.

Owing to City offices being closed to the public at this time; all Boat Ramp permits must be purchased on-line until offices are opened.  Visit  
Online Boat Ramp Permit

Permits are usually available at:

Recreation Office
Daniel Keegan Center
522 Wood Street
Burlington NJ 08016
Please call the office for hours
TEL: 609-386-4070
FAX: 609-386-0766

Please have a valid driver's license as well as boat and trailer registrations when applying.




City of Burlington Residents





Senior Citizens of Burlington (Age 62+)


$ 5.00



Other New Jersey Residents





Senior Citizens of NJ





Out-of-State Non-Residents





Sr. Citizens Out-of-State





THE BOAT RAMP RULES  |  top of page

The purpose of this chapter shall be to:

  1. Protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the residents of, and visitors to, the City;
  2. Protect the Ramp and Ramp areas;
  3. Provide for an orderly procedure for the enjoyment of the ramps and ramp areas by boaters and residents alike.

No one shall be permitted to use the Ramp without obtaining a Permit to be issued by the Municipal Clerk.

Permits for the use of Boat Ramp area on E. Pearl St. shall be issued for the period from April 1st through November 1st each day from the hours of 6 am to 10 pm.

As set forth in Section 3.20.050. Council may waive applicable fees when requested by a nonprofit organization in advance of any scheduled event sponsored on behalf of a non-profit organization.


  1. Upon receiving a Permit from the Recreation Dept., a decal shall be issued by the Recreation Dept., which shall be placed upon each trailer permitted to park in the Ramp Parking Area.
  2. No person shall park a vehicle/trailer in the designated Boat Ramp Parking Area unless such trailer has a current decal displayed.
  3. No parking shall be permitted beyond the hours that the Ramp is open to the public. The Police Dept. shall be empowered to cause any vehicle parked in violation of these provisions to be towed away and impounded by the Dept.


  1. No boat that exceeds 28 feet in length shall be permitted to use the Ramp.
  2. No boat shall be permitted to dock to floats for an extended period of time. There shall be a ten-minute limit for docking to floats.
  3. Mooring of boats shall not be permitted in Ramp vicinity.


  1. Vehicle Repair. There shall be no repairing of vehicles, boats, vessels or trailers in the Parking Lot Area.
  2. Loitering / Fishing. There shall be no loitering or fishing allowed or permitted in the Ramp Area.
  3. Removal of Fire Hazards. Any conditions about or around a boat or watercraft declared to be a fire hazard in the judgment of the Chief of the Fire Dept. or the Assistant Chief shall be removed by the owner or person in charge of such boat.
  4. Dumping or Littering. Garbage, paper, or other refuse shall not be thrown overboard from any boat while in the water or waterways of the City, or into any water or waterways under its jurisdiction. The disposal of garbage, paper, and other refuse shall be provided for by the owners, lessee, operator, or other person in charge of such boat.
  5. Waste Oil Deposits. Waste oil shall not be deposited or disposed of into the waters of any stall or slip nor into the waters adjacent thereto.
  6. Walkways and Facilities. Walkways and other facilities through or by which access is gained to boats docked or moored in the stalls or slips shall be kept clear at all times. No supplies, equipment, or material of any kind shall be piled or placed thereon.
  7. Children must be supervised on and off the docks and must wear appropriate personal floatation on the docks.
  8. All non-swimmers must wear appropriate personal floatation on the docks.
  9. No running permitted on the docks.
  10. All pets must be kept on a leash.


All persons using the Municipal Boat Launching Ramp shall do so at their own risk. The City assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage to any boats or motor vehicles or any equipment used in connection with them.

Any person who violates any one or more of the provisions of this Chapter shall be subject to penalties as set forth in Chapter 1.08. In the case of a continuing violation or violations, a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500) may be assessed for each day that the violation or violations continue unabated, until such time as the violation of violations are corrected. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.



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