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Years in Service: Since 1978

The Chairperson of the Tourism Council presides over this advisory board with representation from each of the City's august historical groups. This Council, under the supervision of the Department of Public Affairs, Council, Mayor and Administrator, coordinates all appropriate functions respecting the advancement of City travel and tourism, including

  • Celebration of the City’s 325th Anniversary of settlement
  • Planning Marketing of City Resources, especially historical assets
  • Oversight, Creation and Production of Marketing Materials
  • Administration, Tourism Promotional Website
  • Distribution of Tourism Marketing Materials
  • Coordination with Celebrations and Public Events
  • Cooperative development of guided tours

A busy 325th Anniversary year has seen the creation of printed marketing materials promoting the City’s rich historical heritage. Intended for traveling families with children, and seniors, these materials take the form of:


Tour Guide & Map– FREE Map of Historic District; Historical Notes on Over 40 Sites; Attractions; Calendar of Year-round Events; Amenities appealing to Families with Children, Seniors and History Buffs.

To request yours, call 609-386-0200 or E-mail your request



Travelers and travel pros can request these, plus review attractions, dining, shopping and directions at the Tour Burlington website ( )

In order to accomplish our objectives, The Tourism Council works closely with other City departments, organizations and associations, especially the Department of Public Affairs.

The Tourism Council consists of representatives of:

The Mayor’s Office Barry Conaway

City of Burlington Common Council

Burlington County Historical Society

City of Burlington Historical Society

Colonial Burlington Foundation

Greater Burlington Chamber of Commerce

City of Burlington Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Yorkshire Alliance

Oliver Cromwell Society



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