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Request Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Services for 2019; Due November 28, 2018, 10 am

RFP/RFQ for 2019 Professional Services

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Notice of Request for Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Service Contracts

Please take notice that the Governing Body of the City of Burlington, the City of Burlington Land Use Board, and the City of Burlington Historic Preservation Commission are Requesting Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Services, as listed below for the term of January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Accepting RFP/RFQ’s for the services listed below.

Hardcopies of the full RFP/RFQ package may be obtained during business hours at City Hall, 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ 080167.  To view and/or print the full RFP/RFQ package from this website, please visit the following link:  RFP/RFQ for 2019 Professional Services.page1image5720 page1image5880


  1. Municipal Solicitor

  2. Bond Counsel

  3. Redevelopment Counsel

  4. Tax Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Counsel

  5. Workers’ Compensation Special Counsel

      Pool of Attorneys for Special Projects:

  1. Special Counsel for Self-Insured Tort & Civil Rights Litigation

  2. Alcoholic Beverage Control Counsel

  3. Tax Appeals Counsel

  4. COAH/Fair Share Housing Counsel

  5. Labor Counsel

  6. Alternate Redevelopment Counsel

  7. Other Special Projects Counsel


     13. Municipal Engineer

     14. Water Utility Engineer

     15. Sewer Utility Engineer

Pool of Engineers for Special Projects:

     16. Construction Inspection Engineer  

     17. Other Special Projects Engineer


     18. Risk Management Consultant

     19. Municipal Auditor

     20. Third Party Claims Administrator

     21. Financial Consultant 


      22. Land Use Board Solicitor
      23. Land Use Board Engineer

      24. Land Use Board Planner

Pool for Special Projects:

      25. Conflict Land Use Board Solicitor

      26. Conflict Land Use Board Engineer
      27. Conflict Land Use Board Planner

      28. Land Use Board Traffic Consultant


       29. Historic Preservation Commission Professional Consultant

Descriptive Requests for Proposals and Qualifications for all of the above Professional Services setting forth the scope of services sought and any proposal requirements may be obtained from this  City of Burlington website or by contacting Cindy Crivaro, Municipal Clerk, located at 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ 08016. Any questions should be directed to David H. Ballard, Administrator at (609) 386-0200, ext. 133.

Proposals will be evaluated in the manner and on the basis of most advantageous, price and other factors considered, in accordance with criteria set forth in the Request for Proposals.

Proposals for each of the above Professional Services sought are to be submitted separately. All proposals are to be submitted in sealed envelopes specifying the Professional Services for which the proposal is to be submitted by 10:00 AM on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 to: Cindy Crivaro, Municipal Clerk, City of Burlington, 525 High Street, Burlington, New Jersey 08016.

All proposals will be unsealed and opened on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 10:00 AM in the City of Burlington Council Chambers located at 525 High Street, Burlington, NJ which opening shall be opened to the public.

All RFP/RFQ’s are being solicited through a fair and open process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A:20.5 et seq. If awarded a contract, your company/firm shall be required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27 et. seq. 


  1. The City of Burlington reserves the right to revise any part of the RFP/RFQ by issuing an addendum to the RFP/RFQ.

  2. Issuance of this RFP/RFQ in no way constitutes a commitment by City of Burlington to award a contract. City of Burlington reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or part, all qualifications statements submitted and/or cancel this announcement if it is determined to be in the City of Burlington's best interest.

  3. City of Burlington is not liable for any costs incurred by prospective proposer/respondents prior to issuance of or entering into a contract. Costs associated with developing the
    qualifications statement, preparing for oral presentations, and any other expenses incurred by the proposer/respondent in responding to this RFP/RFQ are entirely the responsibility of the proposer/respondent, and shall not be reimbursed in any manner by City of Burlington.

  4. City of Burlington shall not be liable for any errors in qualifications statements. City of Burlington reserves the right to make corrections or amendments to the RFP/RFQ due to errors identified in qualifications statements by City of Burlington or the proposer/respondent. City of Burlington
    at its option, has the right to request clarification or additional information from the proposer/respondents; if requested, such information shall be provided within fourteen (14) days of request.

  5. City of Burlington reserves the right to enter into a Contract without further discussion of the qualifications statement submitted based on the initial offer received. City of Burlington reserves the right to contract for all or a partial list of services offered in the qualifications statement.
    The RFP/RFQ and qualifications statement of the selected proposer/respondent shall become part of any contract initiated by City of Burlington.

  6. The selected proposer/respondent shall be expected to enter into a contract. In no event shall a proposer/respondent submit its own standard contract terms and conditions as a response to this RFP/RFQ. If the selected proposer/respondent fails to sign all contract documents within ten (10) calendar days of delivery, City of Burlington may elect to cancel the award and award the contract to the another proposer/respondent.

  7. Pay to Play: The proposer/respondent is advised of the responsibility to file an annual disclosure statement on political contributions with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.13 (P.L. 2005, c.271, s.3) if the proposer/respondent receives contracts in excess of $50,000 from public entities in a calendar year. It is the proposer/respondent’s responsibility to determine if filing is necessary. Additional information on this requirement is available from ELEC at 888-313-3532 or at



Proposals should include the following minimum information:
  1. Existing positions or contracts with the municipality.

  2. The proposed supervisory and proposed personnel intended to be used to provide the services

    required by the scope of work and general manner in which personnel will be used to address

    the Scope of Work.

  3. The experience and qualifications of the firm and/or key personnel in each of the areas

    specified in the scope of work. This should include experience in representing municipalities or similar agencies in such areas as well as general experience in serving in positions similar to the one being sought.

  4. Experience with and knowledge and familiarity of the Municipality and the subject matters of the Scope of Work as they relate to the Municipality.

  5. Resources available the firm/candidates and ability to perform the scope of work in a timely, efficient and professional manner without the need to outsource.

  6. Availability to accommodate required meetings.

  7. Other factors shown to be beneficial to the municipality.

  8. Compensation Proposal. As it is difficult to estimate the total number of hours that will be

    required to perform the scope of work and in order for fair comparison, candidates are to provide the following information concerning compensation and cost:

a. The hourly rate or flat rate to be charged with respect to each area of service within the Scope of Work. If a different rate or fee will be charged dependent upon level of experience or standing, such as partner, associate, etc., such should be specified. The flat rate to be charged should be broken down with respect to each area of service within the Scope of Work.

b. In the event the rates and fees will vary over the course of the anticipated contract, the proposed rates/fees should be reflected as applicable to each relevant time period.
c. The items of costs to be charged such as telephone, copy, facsimile, postage and delivery charges together with the manner and/or rates to be charged.

  1. Copy of New Jersey Business Registration Certificate. All firms (and their subcontractors) competing for Municipal contracts must provide a copy of their Business Registration Certificate at the time the proposal is submitted.

  2. Completed Bid Proposal Form (page 8)

  3. Completed Affirmative Action Compliance Notice (page 23)

  4. Acknowledged Appendix “A” Americans with Disabilities Act Form (page 24)

  5. Completed Disclosure of Activities in Iran Form (page 25)

  6. Completed Statement of Ownership Disclosure (page 26-27)

  7. Completed New Jersey Debarred List Affidavit (page 28)

  8. Completed Non-Collusion Affidavit (page 29)

  9. Acknowledgement of Receipt of Addenda Form (page 30)

  10. Submit: eleven (11) complete copies of each for Land Use Board Solicitor/Attorney, Land Use Board Engineer and Land Use Planner; ten (10) complete copies for Historic Preservation Commission Professional Consultant; (2) complete copies for all others.